Boomerang Flower

The boomerang flower is a power up that first appeared in the MLSS chapter. It gives the user boomerangs to throw, which can hit enemies from a distance and grab far away items. It is found it boxes and enemies. It has a very close resemblance to the Hammer Bros Suit.


The noly enemie kow to have the boomerang power up is the boomerang bro, an enemie similar to hammer bros, ice bros, fire bros, and sumo bros. when defeated the item
Bf bro

Boomerang Bro from 3D land

may appear.


  1. MLSS #20
  2. MLSS #21
  3. MLSS #22
  4. MLSS #23
  5. MLSS #24
  6. MLSS #25
  7. MLSS #29
  8. MLSS #30
  9. MLSS #31
    Bf 2

    Boomerang Mario

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