Art bowser 1

Bowser raising his fist

Bowser many forms, tranformations, and stuff like that. Bowser is the main antogonist of the Mario series and many chapters in this comic.

Mario and Luigi Superstar sagaEdit

Bowser first apears in comic #3, bursting through Mario's door. He says he can't kidnap peach if peach doesn't have her voice so they get onto Bowser's ship to get Peach's voice back. Since the comic's storyline doesn't have the Player fight Bowser at the beginning, the Border Jump bros are fought instead, even though they were fought later the Fawful, the second boss. Bowser is fought Instead of tolstar, because Bowser still needs some action, doesn't he? Anyways, during the fight fawful comes in and zaps Bowser, making him pass out. Bowser was later awoken by Popple, the master thief, who also stole the 1 up mushroom from when bowser was deafeated in comic #22. Popple is found by Luigi, since Luigi was too scared of Fawful's ray gun to go after him. Bowser appears again in comic #26, where popple wakes him up thinking he got amnesia.
Rookie thing

Rookie and Rookie Maskless

Then popple used a hammer that he stole from Dr. Kroopa, who was right nearby to actually give bowser amnesia. Bowser then started smiling and was know as Rookie. Popple puts a blue mask on Bowser and says "we are partners in crime" which is supposed to sound like Partner's in time, a later saga in this comic..

Paper MarioEdit

Picture paper bowser and jr

Paper Bowser and Paper Bowser Jr.

Bowser appears in paper mario as the main villian in Paper Mario. Bowser's paper form is MUCH more powerful then in mario and luigi's dimension. Paper Mario and Paper Luigi need as much help as possible to defeat him. Paper Mario is a lot weaker then Mario and Luigi, but it's unknown about Paper Luigi's strengh because he might have been training a lot when becoming Mr. L.


Bowser's first sprites were his Bowser's inside story sprites, but in comic #5 they were switched to Partner's in time. The reason for this is because back then, I wasn't sure which sprites were the "best" ones and I was conserned if I used the "wrong sprites" I wouldn't get fans and would have to stop the comic like my old one. In comic #6 a MLSS overworld sprite was used because I was too lazy to edit it. Eventually, I discovered Chrispriter's Bowser sprites, and used those from that point until now.

Realvtives/other formsEdit

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