Art iggy

Iggy Koopa from new super mario bros wii

Iggy Koopa Is one of Morton's 7

children, he was in the middle, but now none are in the middle with Wendy around. Iggy is kind of the evil scientist kind of person, but his personality is very strange. He's definitely pretty smart.


Igser Koopa Jr.Edit

Igser Jr. is Iggy's grandfather and Iggy was named after him. The reason he is named after him is because they have the same type of hairstyle and they were both very smart. Another reason he was named after him is because Igser Jr. died when Morton Sr. was a kid so he wanted something that would remind him of his father.

Mario and Luigi Superstar SagaEdit

Iggy has not appeared yet, but his first appearance will be in Bowser's castle.
Iggy animation

Iggy's animation made by Ridge Troopa

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