Koopina thing

Koopina in disguise (left), and normal koopina (right)

Koopina first major appearance in Koopa tournement 3.0, however, he appeared in MLSS #32. Not much is known about him, other than his arm and right eye were built by Dr. kroopa.


Koopina has been like how he is since he can remember. He always got made fun of, or treated like he was weak becasue he only had one arm. But then he Discovered Dr. Kroopa, and he had Kroopa Build him a mechanical eye and arm.

The creationEdit

Old koopina

Koopina's original design.

Koopina was created as an overpowered Mary-Sue type character. But that was many years ago before I discovered

His old design wasn't much differant from his current one, as seen above. His old design was Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story style, instead of superstar saga. In the old his machanical eye was his left eye, instead of his right. Also, his old design had orange shoes and a blue shell, when he now has blue shoes and an orange shell.

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