Art kylie

Kylie Koopa from Partner's in time

Kylie Koopa Is a reporter from the past, not to be seen yet in the comic. Bowser Jr. appears to like Kylie. Kylie also seems to know Kolorado from the past, who is the same age as kylie's past self.

Partner's in timeEdit

coming soon...


At some point doopliss disgisus himself as kylie, and get's kidnapped. when mario and Luigi Rescue doopliss, they find out they were tricked. The cinfusing part to Mario and Luigi was that Doopliss never said who he was and never changed out of the disguse until after defeated.


Kylie was originally going to have edits of Ridge Troopa's Koopa sprites, but the sprites didn't come out very well, and looked like a crossdressing guy. It was decided that she would have her partner's in time sprites.

Kylie's "beta" Sprites

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