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Luigi pointing

Luigi is Mario's brother. Luigi is the second main character of the comic.

Mario and Luigi superstar sagaEdit

Luigi and Mario and the two main fighters of Superstar saga.

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Koopa Tournement 3.0Edit

Luigi fights with Mario in the Koopa tournement, but Luigi is defeated by Bowser, making him unable to fght alongside mario for the rest of the tournement.

Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside storyEdit

Luigi and Mario are, again, the two main fighters of this saga. Just before the shroob fight Luigi tells starlow that he will tell her the story of the shroobs later.

more eventually...

Mario and Luigi Partner's in time.Edit

The partners in time saga is Luigi telling starlow about the shroobs*, and ends up teller her the entire partner's in time storyline.

  • See bowser's inside story

more eventually...

Luigi's MansionEdit

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