Art morton jr

Morton Jr. from New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Morton Jr. Is one of Morton's 7 children and he's the most different from everyone else. He's the second youngest oldest child. Morton is named after Morton Downey Jr.


Morton Sr.Edit

Morton Koopa Sr. is his father and he's where Morton Jr. got his name from. Morton Jr. Is Morton Sr's favorite child, mostly because he looks like himself like Bowser likes bowser Jr. because he looks like him. Iggy, Lemmy Bowser jr. and Ludwig are the only koopalings to see him in a video. Though, before that Ludwig was the only one who could remember him. The reason the other koopalings don't know their father is because he was killed by Mario when he pushed Morton into water. He drowned because he never learned how to swim because his father died before he taught him.

Mario and Luigi Superstar sagaEdit

Morton has yet to make an appearance in the comic, but it is comfirmed that he will be using Ridge Troopa's Morton Koopa Jr. animation for his sprites.
Morton jr animation

Ridge Troopa's Morton anmation

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