Art morotn sr

Morton Koopa Sr.'s inaccurate picture

Morton Koopa Senior, also known as Morthophelus is Bowser's brother. Morton Koopa Sr. is a fanmade character who will first appear in the bonus chapter called Mario Kart Crisis. Sometimes his name is known as Morton Sr. His sprite is more accurate than his "artwork".


Mario Kart CrisisEdit

Morton Koopa Sr. is the last "boss" of the Mario Kart Crisis chapter. For more info see Mario Kart Crisis.

Morton Koopa Jr.Edit

Morton Koopa Jr. was named after Morton Sr, which explains the Junior and Morton Jr's different skin color.

King Bowser KoopaEdit

Morton sr 10

Morton Sr. (left) and Bowser (right)

Bowser Is Morton Sr.'s brother. They may look similar, but there are quite a few differences.

  1. Morton Sr. has shorter horns, and his horns are also golden
  2. Morton Sr. has a different skin color than Bowser, Bowser most likely got his skin color from his dad and mom while Morton got his skin color from his 4 times great grandfather, Bonser.
  3. Morton Sr. Has a longer tail
  4. Morton Sr. Has his hair sticking up, rather than down.
  5. Morton Sr. wheres different collars than Bowser, his have golden spikes
  6. Morton Sr. is mean and stronger than Bowser.



"Son, when you put your mind to it, there's no problem big enough to run away from!" (the life lesson he taught Morton Jr.)

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